Swanson Monitrol Systems

OEM Manufacturer

We are the original equipment manufacturer of the Swanson Monitrol System. We are currently manufacturing a limited number of new replacement parts for the Swanson Monitrol System. Listed below are a few of the new replacement parts that we currently manufacture. If you do not see what you need below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please call us for price and availability;
(310) 704-1137


Field and Console Cards;

  • ACB-0650  FACTSH / Flasher Card
  • ACB-1440  Relay Card (ACB-2967)
  •  ACB- 2941  Motor Control Card With Alarm
  • ACB-2942  Motor Control Card Long
  • ACB-2943  MOV Control Card
  • ACB-2945  SOV Control Card
  • ACB-2956  Time Delay Card
  • ACB-2957  Universal Logic Card
  • ACB-2958  Amplifier / Inverter Card
  • ACB-2961-1  Alarm Card
  • ACB-2961-2  Alarm Card With Normal Light
  • ACB-2963-A  Power Filter Card With Alarm
  • ACB-2963-S  Power Filter Card Static
  • ACB-2967  Relay Card


Field Modules;

x Represents Voltage (1=120vac- 2=240vac - 4=440vac)
  • A-3431-x-40  Motor Module
  • A-3431-x-50  Motor Module With Warning Horn
  • A-3431-x-51  Motor Module With Independent Auxiliary
  • A-3431-x-52  Motor Module With Simultaneous Auxiliary
  • A-3432-x-20  MOV Module
  • A-3433-x-20  SOV Module
  • A-3434-x-2-10  Duel Driver Module
  • A-3435-1-8-0   AC Switch Module (2Quad) 120VAC Only